Brissett & Associates, Inc. is always looking for new candidates. We strongly believe that realized dreams are the results of conscious actions fueled by passion and a trusted support system. We specialize in the trusted support system. Our focus is always on the future success of our clients. We ask that each of our employees follow the “Futures” model on a daily basis.

Below is the criteria used to recruiting new candidates:

Follow the AOB Methodology

Achieve success while Operating on the Basics of Accounting and bookkeeping fundamentals. We expect that every employee will look for the simplest solution that provides accurate, consistent, and profitable results for our clients.

Understand that Going “Above and Beyond” is the Standard

Mediocrity is never the standard of a Brissett & Associates, Inc. employee. At each level we expect employees to set their own individual “stretch” goals and look to go above and beyond their daily responsibilities and assigned workload.

Treat the Needs of Your Client as 1st Priority

Brissett & Associates, Inc. does not exist without our clients. Their needs are what drive our company. Excellence from our employees translates into excellence for our clients and their continued success.

Understand the Importance of “Paying it Forward”

We expect that all Brissett & Associates, Inc. will always look for opportunities to help others whether within our company or within the local community.

Remember There are Never Mistakes, Simply Lessons

Brissett & Associates, Inc. understands that we are all human and it is impossible to work in an “error-free” environment, but we expect each employee to view every mistake as an opportunity to improve.

Engage and Strive to be the Best You

We expect that every Brissett & Associates, Inc. employee will bring their “A” game to the office each and every day engaging fellow coworkers to learn from each other and contribute to making the work environment energetic and enjoyable.

Seek Continuous Development

Brissett & Associates, Inc. number one asset is our people. We will always provide each employee with tools and training to constantly develop. We expect that each of our employees takes advantage of these resources and continues to refine and develop new skills on a continuous basis.

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